Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jetman preview

I've always been facinated by pulp comics. Specifically, anything sci-fi/horror from the silver age. Weird Tales, Strange Adventures, Amazing Fantasy, etc. To me, I think that they represented the most care-free time in the medium of comic books. Comics now are so obsessed with being "important" that they sometimes forget to be fun. I love the fact that when you open up any one of the aforementioned titles, you can be met with tales of killer androids, vengeful swamp monsters, or astronauts marooned on strange planets. Hell, sometimes stories like those would share space in one issue!

That's the sort of world I've been trying to capture in Jetman; one where anything is possible. Giant robots, secret nazi lairs, molepeople. Really, the only rule I've established is that it has to remain fun. I've been going with a very fast-and-loose artistic style, something akin to Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko with a little bit of my own style thrown in. By no means does it look exactly like the work of the classic silver age artists, but I've been doing my best to make it evocative of that time period. Simplicity is my mantra. Anyway, enough rambling. Let's get to the goodies.
Here's Doctor Moss, one of the primary characters in Jetman. He's one of the greatest minds in the world - unfortunatately, it's a mind that's seen better days as a result of a teleportation malfunction. He's sort of like Ian McKellen and Hunter S. Thompson thrown into a blender with a decent amount of Doc Brown. Cute mix until you factor those personalities together with the fact that he could create a nuclear bomb while sleepwalking.
This is Mentor, one of the main villains in Jetman. He's nothing more than your standard bottom-tier-magician-turned-criminal-after-stealing-a-magic-egyptian-relic kind of character. The Stone of Tekaurat, which is embedded in his forehead, gives him power over the minds of man. A formidable foe, indeed.

I was disappointed at the lack of undead 50's greaser punks who ride ghostly hot rods in comics today. That's why I created Rex Mortis, another of Jetman's rogues.

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